The CINEMA preset takes advantage of Lightroom’s incredible ability to move color space, and will make your selfies look cinema-like with muted but warm skin hues.

This preset comes in two variants, one for your desktop and one for your mobile. Both require Adobe Lightroom.

As with all filters for Lightroom, the effect this filter will have on your images will vary based on camera, shooting RAW vs JPG, your exposure and your white balance.

After applying the filter, if you feel it's not quite how you like it, my suggestion is to start playing with the Exposure, and then white balance, and then Shadows and Highlights. Most times this is all you need to tweak to get the perfect look. All photos are different so these tweaks are essential, but very quick.

TO USE THE MOBILE PRESET: UNZIP MY FILE ON YOUR COMPUTER. Then simply drop the DNG file in to your Dropbox or similar cloud storage on your computer. Then open your mobile Lightroom app, and add the file from your Dropbox (or similar). Once the DNG file is in your library, you click Copy Settings from my photo, and apply it on to yours.

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